On Relativity

From where I stood the Earth was flat,
the stars were up, the grave was down.
Then I ventured to the end of the sea
and found the earth was round.
Now which way is up and down?

Ah, north and south, it saves the day.
Each one I count as the sun goes down.
Then I sat and pondered the heavens
and found it not the sun but I who go ’round.
The Earth has let me down.

The powerful sun will guide my way.
It orchestrates the planet’s dance.
But I hitched a ride through the Milky Way
and found the sun hardly deserves a glance
Now who directs the dance?

Deeper I traveled into space,
searching for the anchored place,
a place that points me up and down,
a place all things must go around,
A signpost in the vast expanse:
“This place directs the dance.”


Morning Coffee For Life

A great idea is a strong cup of coffee.

Many people wake up, stumble out of bed with their eyes barely open and reach straight for that coffee cup. If you don’t believe me just take a look at how many programmable coffee makers there are. “Make the coffee!? I don’t do anything before my coffee… anything! In fact, the day they make an alarm with a coffee IV you can count me in.” We all have our drug of choice. I am not judging yours. But for those us that have never managed to acquire a taste for that bitter stuff, we have to find other ways to get that morning pick-me-up. Welcome to my morning coffee.