A Great Idea Is A Strong Cup Of Coffee

Many people wake up, stumble out of bed with their eyes barely open and reach straight for that coffee cup. If you don’t believe me just take a look at how many programmable coffee makers there are. “Make the coffee!? I don’t do anything before my coffee… anything! In fact, the day they make an alarm with a coffee IV you can count me in.” We all have our drug of choice. I don’t judge yours. But for those us that have never managed to acquire a taste for that bitter stuff we have to find other ways to get that morning pick-me-up. Welcome to my morning coffee.


About Me
I am a woman, wife, mother, small business owner, jewelry artist, Mrs. Fix-it, and a slew of other things, but mostly I am a thinker/ analyzer. I do not tend to listen to music in the car because I love silence to think. I have been known to use a variety of ruses to avoid being interrupted, because I find the world is not used to people just quietly thinking. If I look like I am doing nothing, people seem to figure I want to be interrupted by their talking, because who wants to sit quietly alone doing nothing? ME! And I am not doing nothing!

At some point I decided that to keep life fresh I needed both water flowing into this pond and flowing out. Thus, this blog was born.


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