Quick Easy Kids Coloring Tray

DIY easy kids coloring tray from shirt box by Morning Coffee For Life
DIY easy kids coloring tray from shirt box by Morning Coffee For Life

Quick Easy Kids Coloring Tray: An Unexpected Birthday Gift

My little toddler absolutely loves to color, but at 18 months the whole concept of keeping markers and crayons on the table is about at foreign as E.T.  Needless to say coloring is not my favorite activity and it doesn’t help that my living room floor is noticeable slanted making this a challenging feat for adults.  A few days ago was my husband’s birthday and there were still a couple of shirt boxes sitting around our living room when my little munchkin asked to color.  It suddenly dawned on me to tear open one of the sides of a shirt box and use it as a 3 sided tray.  “Dump!” My son’s favorite word at the moment sounded and the markers and crayons came pouring out… into the tray.  It was a beautiful sight.  I almost shed a tear as the markers rolled to the edge of the “tray” and stopped.  Ok, now I am just being melodramatic, but still, it made me one happy Momma, and as an extra bonus it greatly reduced the number of time I had to remind him to color on the paper, not the table.  Now to invent some type of child surrounding funnel system so every time drops a crayon on the floor because he is done with it, it will just roll right back into the tray. Hmmm…


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